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DLF India offers its new project at Sriperumbudur Chennai. A lot of various formations have happened in the real estate sector over the last few years. Developer in Sriperumbadur is not slow to develop new projects. Categories such as the lavish home, the nursing home the children-centered home, etc., Amenities such as power bases, swimming pools, CCTV surveillance, clubs, parks, etc., which were once considered lavish options, have become more and more needed or less important. Now, people are not happy to compromise with such institutions.

DLF Sriperumbudur Plots is located in central Sriperumbudur and is well-connected from Chennai. The railway station is very close and makes it easy connectivity to go to other parts of the city. The prices of these projects are a little bit high right now as this is a place for future development. It is one of the places around the city that promises the most to its historical charm of a high return on investment.

The largest theme-based plotted development in Sriperumbudur Chennai brings quality land inside this gated community to match the new attraction by serving a high range of Stylish services to create an active and energetic lifestyle. Enjoy the opportunity of planning a floor or a villa as per the budget & need. And this project pays high consideration to the environment by adding up to 2500 trees and plants along with the water bodies and air purifying plants for a panoramic view of the greenery spreading positivity all around. Time to build a unique location in Chennai to celebrate life in a much better way.


Chennai is one of the leading places with outstanding work opportunities serving its first-ever theme-based plots over large acres of area to experience an unseen lifestyle which is provided in this new gated society that takes care of every ambition and every person for a content living.

DLF opens its grand plot developed with a host of amenities and features to bring a new concept of living in Sriperumbudur Chennai which is more secured, planned, and beneficial for the residents.

The site is combined with flowering shrubs, gardens, aromatic plants, green landscaping, the trail of trees, and more. A large part of the area is covered with dense greenery to bring unseen nature and create pollutant-free surroundings. The site is buzzed with 4 themes-Serene Gardens, Fitness Gardens, Social Gardens, and Recreational gardens.


DLF Plots Sriperumbudur new plots for sale scattered over 85+ acres of area to cut out a total of 1500 plots in different sizes with an opportunity to get the cream of the crop space and plan limited floors and villas based on the futuristic plan to get excessive use of the space. First-ever gated plots on theme parks to create pollutant-free ambiance by DLF LTD to address an iconic space for a get to the real opportunity of modern lifestyle.

Theme park-based project in Sriperumbudur Chennai, DLF LTD to create healthy to absorb fresh air throughout, different theme parks to have better look & feel inside the housing.

Exclusive plot property unveils a bunch of amenities with basic comfort too for promoting an active and healthy lifestyle inside the housing by setting up new level energy in DLF Sriperumbudur Plots to create quality living space for all.

Here the underground fiber-optic plan for data ensures peaceful access to the data for quality work and the site ensures proper data delivery all over the area to meet the comfort of living when you are in DLF Plots Sriperumbudur Chennai.

Why Choose DLF Plots Sriperumbudur Chennai?

New plots in DLF Plots Sriperumbudur Chennai with 5 different sizes and all services inside, good investment opportunities for both home buyers and investors.

  • Get residence ownership.
  • Electric vehicle charging point on the site.
  • Elevated walls for 100 percent safety.
  • Underground fiber optic to address information much faster.
  • Enticing 4 theme gardens inside the housing.
  • Futsal Court, Cricket Net Practice, and more to fitness.

DLF Sriperumbudur Plots Location Map

DLF Sriperumbudur Plots Location Map

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